6 Things to Know If You Like Sleeping Naked

Sleep. It’s a state of altered consciousness when the senses and almost all voluntary muscles of the body go into a period of restricted activity. It is a universal in the animal kingdom. Humans spend a third of their lifetime sleeping. But what happens during sleep? Why do we need it?

We think that sleep is a period of rest for the body and the mind. But during sleep, the body enters a high anabolic state, reinforcing the revitalization of the muscular, skeletal, nervous and immune systems. It’s an even busier time for the mind. The brain goes through five stages of sleep during a typical night’s sleep.

Everyone needs to sleep because without it our daily life becomes chaotic. for this your site offers simple tricks to help you sleep and relax
Scientists say that sleeping naked gives you a comfortable sleep
What !!?
Wondering if you heard right? Sleeping without clothes has unexpected benefits. But there are also some pitfalls to sleeping naked.

The stages can be determined by measuring brain waves. Beta waves are emitted when we are consciously alert, agitated, tensed or afraid. Alpha waves, when the mind and body are relaxed, but we are still aware. Theta waves, when we are in a state of deep relaxation and reduced consciousness. Delta waves, when we are in deep sleep or unconsciousness.
Stage 1 – The stage between sleep and wakefulness. The period when the eyes roll slowly and the body drifts to sleep. Brain waves are fluctuations of mostly high amplitude, slow waves and alpha waves.
Stage 2 – Characterized by slower breathing and heartbeat. Waking up the person gradually becomes harder. Rapid, rhythmic brain wave activity called sleep spindles are observed during this period.
Stage 3 – The period of transition from between light sleep and deep sleep. The brain starts to emit delta waves by this time.
Stage 4 – Also referred to as the delta stage because of the high presence of delta brain waves. It is the deepest and most restorative sleep. During this period, most sleepwalking and talking occur.
Stage 5 – The rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stage, takes around 20 to 25 percent of the total sleep time. Most memorable dreams occur during this period because they are most vivid. The brain waves emitted almost resemble those when you are awake. The sleep cycle involving these stages are repeated up to five times during a night’s sleep, with the fifth stage (REMstage) getting longer each time the cycle repeats.

6 -Deeper Sleep

Sleeping naked allows you to rest well by cooling your body, because the body temperature controls the duration of sleep, and therefore the quality of sleep

Contrary to the rule which says that the temperature of our body is constant of 37 ° !! . the temperature of our body has a rhythm that increases and decreases according to several criteria including the time of the day

It is this variation which indicates to our brains how and when the time to sleep and also to wake up. when our temperature drops we feel lazy, tired. forcing the brain to order sleep

On the contrary, when it increases, one feels awake and alert. This is what happens in the morning (or should happen). You may have felt the need to take a nap or rest during the afternoon. Nothing more natural, sometimes the desire to sleep can even be as strong as the night!

5 . Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

Here we talk to people who do not sleep a lot and who think, go to sleep is a waste of time !! well, it turns out that the fact not sleeping too much can actually speed up your eternal sleep

research shows that the quality and duration of your sleep is very important. A Study In Annals of Epidemiology found that anyone who slept less than 6 hours per night is likely to have heart disease and type 2 diabetes

4 . Prevents the development of bacteria.

Indeed, sleeping naked, would help prevent and stop the development of bacteria such as fungal infections.

Sleeping without clothing helps to reduce sweating (the cause of fungal growth) in parts and wet areas of your body and to let them breathe easily.

3 . Improve relationships

Skin-to-skin contact and the sense of trust and intimacy that connects two people who sleep together increases the secretion of oxytocins. we are talking here about the hormone of love that makes you more sensitive to the touch of your partner.

2 . Increase your energy

Not sleeping well and having a bad night’s sleep lowers your energy the next day and you wake up feeling soft and in a bad mood. Indeed, when the body is tired, it directly impacts the mind. Sleeping naked would improve the quality of your sleep, which will allow you to wake up in great shape!

1 . Reduces pain sensations

Sleeping naked helps reduce pain, especially in the abdominal area. Use this technique to enjoy a good night’s sleep and avoid incessant turns in your bed.